What is your hourly rate?

Between $25 and $50 an hour depending on the complexity of the item being made. Often times I will charge by the item instead of hourly.

Do you do alterations of existing garments?

Yes! I also will do the fittings at your home as long as it is within a 20 mile radius from Beavertown, PA.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes and no. If an item is going to cost more than $100 or if it takes more than 10 hours to create.

Can I bring a pattern and fabric for you to sew?

Yes, but I'll have to look over the material list and make sure you have everything needed to complete the item. Anything I have to supply will be charged to you.

How much time do you need to complete an order?

It depends on how many orders I have at the moment. It also helps to give me at least 2 months before the item is needed. If you want a costume made for October 31st, I'll need to have all the information by the end of August.